Sunny Road
  2011 Upper Midwest Dairy Industries Association Champion Cheese Maker Of The Year

Dear Friends,

Morning Star Farm is a family owned Brown Swiss dairy farm nestled in the rural landscape of central Minnesota.  We are a simple and honest family dedicated to the manufacture and sales of high quality all natural hormone free specialty cheeses and frozen dairy and iced products.  The products are sold under the trade name Sunny Road and our motto is “Stepping in the Light.”

All of our milk and only our milk is used to manufacture Sunny Road products.  In an effort to achieve the finest quality flavors our Brown Swiss cows are fed using an advanced innovative form of rotational grazing. This process allows the cows to choose the grass they think tastes the best and as a result the consumer gets to eat the finest tasting cheese and ice cream available.

When other raw materials are required we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients.  Sugar cane is used in place of beet sugars, fresh fruit in place of flavored syrups, Madagascar Vanilla, orange, almond and peppermint extract and Dutch cocoa, to name a few.  To those that are health conscious, our ice creams don't contain polysorbates, any foreign crystal stabilizers or corn syrup.

Our hope is that you enjoyed and appreciated Sunny Road products as much as we do making them.